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Safety First

Handling firearms can be an inherently dangerous activity and that includes the use of a concealed carry holster. We encourage all gun owners to take a gun safety course. The SmartCarry Concealed Holster is easy to use, but it takes practice. Please practice drawing and holstering your UNLOADED weapon in a variety of poses until you feel completely comfortable. You should be able to retrieve your weapon in only 2-3 seconds.

Features of the SmartCarry® Holster

  • Each holster that we make is hand sewn here in the USA and customized for your specific needs. You tell us the make and model of your gun, your hip size, whether you're right or left-handed and if you have a barrel-mounted laser or site, and we'll make sure you get the holster you need.
  • Our new and improved waist band makes it comfortable to wear with almost any clothing, doing almost any activity so you can be ready in any situation. No need to clip hard plastic onto your pants and you don't even need a belt. The comfort and versatility is unmatched!
  • Your loaded holster rests in the front of your waistband, slightly off-center. Most people avoid looking there, but even if they do, your invisible holster is not going to be noticed. (You may choose to wear it anywhere around your torso, and it will work just as well, but it does conceal best in front slightly to the left or right.)
  • Our patented "Snag-Free Draw" eliminates seams on the inside of the holster, so there's nothing there to snag on.
  • The back of the holster has a moisture-proof, yet breathable fabric to keep your weapon dry, making it the perfect holster for running or working out!
  • We use durable materials so that you get a durable holster. We have a one-year warranty, but depending on how often you wear it and wash it, it should last closer to 3-5 years—or more!
  • Speaking of materials, depending on which holster style you choose, we offer solid-color denims, camouflage-patterned denims, or our newest offerring: genuine leathers.
  • Made in the U.S.A. (In Florida, hence the sweat-proof feature)
  • We offer free First-Class Shipping and a full 60-day Trial Period. If you're not completely happy with your hoster, send it back, and we'll issue a full refund. Simple as that!

How to Measure Barrel Length

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