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Safety First

Handling firearms can be an inherently dangerous activity and that includes the use of a concealed carry holster. We encourage all gun owners to take a gun safety course. The SmartCarry Concealed Holster is easy to use, but it takes practice. Please practice drawing and holstering your UNLOADED weapon in a variety of poses until you feel completely comfortable. You should be able to retrieve your weapon in only 2-3 seconds.

Features of the SmartCarry® Holster

  • Each holster that we make is custom-fit for your specific needs. You tell us the make and model of your gun, your hip size, whether you're right or left-handed and if you have a barrel-mounted site. We than hand-sew a holster just for you.
  • Comfortable to wear with almost any clothing, doing any activity, and in any pose (even standing on your head).
  • Your loaded holster rests in the front of your waistband, slightly off-center. Most people avoid looking there, but even if they do, your Invisible Holster is not going to be noticed.
  • Our patented "Snag-Free Draw" eliminates seams on the inside of the holster, so there's nothing there to snag on.
  • The back of the holster has a moisture-proof, yet breathable fabric called Cushmax® to keep your weapon dry —even if you're visiting Orlando in July!
  • We use durable materials so that you get a durable holster. We have a one-year warranty, but depending on how often you wear it and wash it, it should last closer to 3-5 years—or more!
  • Speaking of materials, depending on which holster style you choose, we offer solid-color denims, camouflage-patterned denims, or our newest offerring: genuine leathers.
  • Made in the U.S.A. (In Florida, if you must know.)
  • Free First-Class Shipping and a full 60-day Trial Period. If you're not completely happy with your hoster, send it back. Simple.

How to Measure Barrel Length

Measure revolver barrel length
Measure semi-auto barrel length