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  • Black Denim, Valuables Model with Pick-Pocket Proof back pocket.
Like the back pocket on denim trousers--no noticeable bulk.
  • Blue Denim, Valuables Model with Pick-Pocket Proof back pocket.
Like the back pocket on denim trousers--no noticeable bulk.
  • White Denim, Valuables Model with Pick-Pocket Proof back pocket.
Like the back pocket on denim trousers--no noticeable bulk.
  • Pink Denim, Valuables Model with Pick-Pocket Proof back pocket.
Like the back pocket on denim trousers--no noticeable bulk.
  • New! -$10.00 off!
Khaki Denim, Valuables Model with Pick-Pocket Proof back pocket.
Like the back pocket on denim trousers--no noticeable bulk.

Valuables Concealed Carry Holster, pickpocket-proof.


Product Description

Same as the Single Barrel/Mag. Pocket Holster with the addition of one large pocket in the rear, behind the two front pockets. It provides pickpocket-proof concealment. You can easily carry your Concealed Carry License, hide your money and/or valuables. Sweat-proof,snag-free and built for comfort, it comes with a Cushmax® backing, durable denim (black, blue, khaki, white or pink) and strong elastic and Velcro® strapping. From the Seecamp to the full-size 1911, SmartCarry® holsters comes in four different sizes for  all practical concealed carry gun make and models. Comes in left or right hand models with six different strapping lengths. 

Strapping Length Note: Waist sizes will work for males, but females should enter their hip circumference around the widest point, because of the wide difference in waist and hip ratios between men and woman. Hip circumference is also the preferred measurement for men as well. A typed in measurement is also preferred and please let us know if it is your waist or hip measurement, as there is a difference!

Choose from: SHORT - Waist circumferences 31” and under REGULAR - Waist circumferences 32" to 37"LONG - Waist circumferences 38" to 43". 

Custom Sizes: Add $1.00 for CUSTOM A LENGTH  (waist circumferences 44" to 51"). Add $1.50 for CUSTOM LENGTH B (waist circumferences 52" to 58"). Add $2.00 for CUSTOM LENGTH C (waist circumferences 59" to 71"). Add $1.00 per inch for Velcro® lengths longer than 18", which is the length of the Velcro® on our custom C strapping length.

For Laser/Tactical Light Equipped Guns: An extra wide firearm pocket is available to accommodate under barrel tactical lights/laser sights. Not all under barrel laser sights require an extra wide firearm pocket, especially the Crimson Trace lasers. Note that some S&W K-frame and all L and X frame revolvers, including Ruger GP100's will require a custom wide holster as well, so check the laser box for these handguns. Include the make and model number of the laser sight or tactical light installed on your handgun when you place your order and we'll determine if you require a custom wide firearm pocket.

LASER/LIGHT NOTE: Most makes and models with an under-the-barrel light or laser require custom, extra width for an additional $5.00. On the grip lasers do not need laser width! The following firearms do not need the extra laser width: Kel-Tec P3AT with a Crimson Trace LG-430, the PF9 with a Crimson Trace LG-435, Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace LG-431, SR9c with an LG-449, LC9 with an LG-412 or a Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard. If your model is not on this list, then feel free to call/text 727 581-7001 with any questions.

Standard Mail S&H is FREE.  Note that orders weighing over 12 ounces must ship via Priority Mail - $7.00, Express- $30.00, UPS, special shipping-call.

7% sales tax for orders with a Florida destination

Product Reviews

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  1. Perfect for me!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2017

    I’m a mechanic and need to climb all over and under cars without worrying about printing in awkward positions. This does the job well. Doesn’t make me sweat and keeps my gun secure.

  2. Only Holster You Need

    Posted by Cline on 15th Nov 2017

    I absolutely love this holster! Can hardly tell it's there and I can wear it with jeans, sweats, skirts or dress pants. Perfect for my Walter PPS M2 and I would recommend this holster to anyone. I am 5' 4" 115 pounds and I do not print wearing any of my clothes. Do yourself a favor and just buy it! ;)

  3. Makes a women feel safe again!

    Posted by Diane Seaton on 24th Oct 2017

    I own a swimming pool construction company in Tennessee and am continually on the road and meeting with new potential clients. I have been a licensed carrier for years and have been looking for a way to carry my firearm on my person when I go to a sales call without alarming potential clients. I have, in the past, left my firearm in the car in my purse but actually had one occasion that left me very uncomfortable. I was at the clients house to check out his yard in the proposal process and my cell phone had no service. This guy made me feel quite uneasy and it dawned on me, I'm without cell service, my gun is in the car and my husband only has a general idea of where my appointment was that day. NOT A GOOD FEELING! Well, I decided to start searching and ran across the Smart Carry website. I was a little skeptical at first as no woman wants to look larger than she really is. Which is why I wouldn't go for the side holster or under arm holster. I purchased the holster with the safe pocket and extra mag sleeve. I have not left the house without it since it arrived. My husband feels much easier about my sales calls and actually makes sure I have it on before I start my day. Thank you ROB and all who are involved in this answer to my prayers!!!!

  4. Excellent solution

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2017

    I work am a small answer mail veterinarian. Being in my practice late at night smart carry has given me a terrific and comfortable solution. My clients don't see that I am carrying my 1911 is hidden under my scrubs and no body knows the better. Very comfortable.

  5. The comfort suprised me

    Posted by Steve Altman on 6th Feb 2017

    I hesitated to purchase until I read reviews and now that I have it I agree with the positive reviews. I travel on my motorcycle a lot and it is comfortable to ride with and the people I ride with
    have no idea even carry. I carry a lc9 and have no problem with comfort. I do recommend the smart carry.

  6. Best Concealed Carry Holster

    Posted by Maynard on 27th Jan 2017

    I started carrying a number of years ago and saw this holster advertised in a trusted magazine. I decided to bite the bullet and order one for my Glock 19. Over the years I've ordered several more of the same holster and have never been disappointed. I use the same holster whether I'm dressed business professional or wearing shorts around the house.

  7. Best one i have had.

    Posted by Michael Tobin on 25th Jan 2017

    I have used the "crotch" holster for over 5 years.
    The features I like include water proof and the extra pocket, where I store a copy of my Drivers license and Conceal and Carry permit.

  8. Excellent concealment holsters

    Posted by Brent Bolin on 9th Jan 2017

    These are great products with great customer service. I had a specialty gun, a pepper and OC gun that could be worn within schools and government buildings but needed a concealable holster that would completely conceal the large Piexon JPX4 pepper / OC gun, which has four barrels measuring almost an inch and 1/2 across and 4 inches long as well as railing for a light (it has a built-in laser), which makes this very difficult to find a holster that will fit. I spoke with the owner who sent me a couple of different holsters and we found one that fit perfectly. The customer service is excellent, this is a person that I not only like his product but I trust the man, and in this day and age that's a lot to say. I purchased another holster for a firearm and will continue to do so. This is a great hideaway conceal holster, even if you have a giant big boxy gun such as the Piexon JPX4. See what I mean:

  9. Great Product!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2015

    I've owned many holsters, but this is by far the most versatile out there. it is truly an all weather, any wardrobe holster. I live in a hot climate, and often have to wear shorts, or dress clothes, this product conceals your weapon perfectly. if you have a gun over 1" width you may see a little edge of the handle, and that's about it. With that said no one can tell at all you are carrying. Highly recommend giving it a try

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