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Tips for carrying in the summer

Posted by SmartCarry on

For some, the advent of summer isn’t a big deal as you carry the same then as you do any other time of year. For others however, carrying a firearm can present a little bit more of a challenge. T-Shirts replace button-downs and shorts take the place of pants. Here are some tips to help you carry worry-free in the summer.

Carry a smaller firearm – I know, some of you guys might not like to hear about it, but remember – it’s better to carry than not carry at all. It makes no sense to wear a jacket in the summer just to conceal your gun, so all we’re suggesting is that you simply downsize. There are so many light polymer and alloy framed small pistols and revolvers made specifically for carrying, so don’t be shy about finding a firearm that’s more compact.

Wear looser, more comfortable clothing – Not only will you find the experience of carrying much more enjoyable by wearing looser, baggier clothing, but you’ll also be a lot more comfortable as well. It’s also not hard to do. If you’re wearing a polo and shorts, just un-tuck your polo. Instead of boat shorts, buy some cargos. Even oxfords will drape effortlessly over your firearm, keeping you looking good and armed.

Go for deeper concealment – The SmartCarry holster is especially great in the summer months because it conceals the firearm on your appendix AND is sweat resistant. On the whole, going for a deeper concealment method gives you more options in terms of what you can wear and how comfortable you can be when carrying in hotter weather.

Always be familiar with your method of carry – Regardless of how you decide to carry your weapon and what you decide to wear, make sure you’re comfortable and familiar with whatever method you choose. Safety is ALWAYS the most important thing to consider. Practice all your draw methods so it becomes second nature. When you defend yourself, you don’t always have the luxury of thinking out the entirety of a situation. Be prepared.