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SmartCarry® Gun Show Information

Gun Shows with SmartCarry

We're making every effort to get this gun show page updated as soon as possible after our latest gun show! Our orders keep climbing, and they come first, so that will always slow us down somewhat. In order to keep up with our orders, we have recently hired a person to help us trim and inspect the new holsters as they're made. This is a big help, relieves us of some of the workload and speeds up our order processing.

Plus more and more FAM's (Federal Air Marshals) with the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) are buying our Security model holsters for the ability to carry a pair of handcuffs and a lot of back-up ammo. And there is no concealed carry holster available that can compare with the concealment ability, comfort, the ease and speed of drawing while seated and wearing a seat belt (or standing!) that SmartCarry® offers!

We've had an order from a Naval Special Warfare Group (Navy Seals) in VA for 96 SmartCarry® concealed carry holsters, security and standard models in 2002 and have now received an order for 72 more from a Navy Seal Group in CA and, more recently, a second order from Naval Special Warfare Group (Navy Seals) who had placed the original order for the Navy Seals. And more recently (Sept. 23, 04), an order for 30 more SmartCarry®'s from the group of Navy Seals who purchased the first 96 holsters.

We've sold more of C. & C. Mfg. Co.'s Pocket Slipper Laser Aimers from our website, and one mounted on a NAA .32 Guardian can be seen by clicking here, then use the back button on your browser to return to this page. Kel-Tec has announced it's new P3AT .380, just slightly larger than the P32, and there is a laser aimer for it already! And we have designed a new holster size for those PSLA equipped firearms. We call it our XSL (extra small with laser) size and you can view one of them by clicking here.

Gun Shows with SmartCarry

We had a very good show at the Suncoast Gun Collectors gun & knife show at the War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL January 10th and 11th, selling a lot of SmartCarry®'s on Saturday and on Sunday we sold even more than we did on Saturday! We'll be at the Manatee Civic Center in Palmetto, FL January 31st & February 1st , back at War Memorial in Ft. Lauderdale on Feb. 14th & 15th, at the Lee Civic Center in Ft. Myers, FL February 21st & 22nd, and at the Tampa Gun Show Feb.28th and March 1st at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Keep checking this page for new updates as they become available.

Our Internet sales are still growing and we're staying real busy filling orders and making SmartCarry® holsters. And on the heels of the excellent review SmartCarry& received from Springfield Armory was another good review in Concealed Carry Magazine (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). We can see our sales increase as a result of these reviews and we're still receiving very favorable e-mails from happy SmartCarry® customers! You can read them on our customer comment pages. And we're still able to deliver all orders within a few days after receiving them, and most orders ship on the next mailing day after being placed.

An order we received Dec. 19, 2002 proves once again that SmartCarry®'s are used to save lives in more ways than just by carrying the only protective device that really works against criminals, a handgun. We've mentioned before that we've sold a few SmartCarry's to diabetics for the purpose of carrying their insulin containers, which must be connected to them at all times. A gentleman from CA called this morning with some questions concerning SmartCarry®'s dimensions. He has an implanted Spinal Cord Stimulator for a chronic pain disorder and wondered if the control unit could be carried in a SmartCarry®. He has to carry a control unit to activate the implant, and was looking for a convenient way to carry it. The size of the control unit is 5.5" X 3.5" and he said it is quite awkward to carry, but carry it he must. With those dimensions, it would require our large size SmartCarry® to handle it. The way the control unit is used is to place it over the area of the body where the implant is located and it does the rest. There is now a large white SmartCarry® with out Cushmax® all packed up that will leave tomorrow via first class mail. We hope this solves his carry problems and that he gets back to us with the results. If so, we'll post them here. And we sold a SmartCarry® just recently (January, 2005) to a man who wanted to use it to carry his insulin container. He has a friend who carries his gun in a SmartCarry® holster and mentioned to him that it would probably work fine for his insulin container. When he read on the web site about the lady who purchased one years ago for the very same reason, he placed his order.

We got an e-mail on 12-24-02 from the gentleman mentioned above, and we're happy to report that SmartCarry® has solved his control unit carry problem! Click here to read what he says and use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

And a much more recent use of a SmartCarry® holster for medical purposes happened when Carolyn had to be admitted to the Largo, FL Medical Center for a swelling in her feet and ankles. They had several sensors attached to her body with wires going to a monitor unit that was hung around her neck with cords from the cloth pouch that contained the monitor unit. It was very uncomfortable and got in the way whenever she tried to do anything, like eating. She called Charlie and had him bring her a large SmartCarry® so she could wear the monitor around her hips and it solved her problem!

We got a telephone call recently from an airline captain based in Atlanta, GA who placed an order for a SmartCarry®. But the story he told us was really very interesting. He said he was talking to an air marshal assigned to his flight and asked him wasn't he supposed to carry a gun? The air marshal told him he was carrying a gun, and the captain told us the air marshal was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. When he asked the air marshal how could that be, as he had no place to hide one, the air marshal grinned and showed him his handgun! He was wearing a SmartCarry®, and that's why the captain called to place an order!

Our orders are still going up, and now we have a new customer base, created by the atrocious events of September 11. Federal Air Marshals are now buying SmartCarry®'s because they've discovered that not only is it the deepest concealment possible, but it is also very easy to draw your handgun when seated and wearing a seat belt, like they just might have to do while on board a commercial airliner, if the situation arose. Because Air Marshals must remain anonymous, and the possibility is high that they will have to draw while seated and wearing a seat belt, we can't think of a more appropriate holster for this duty than SmartCarry®! And we sold a SmartCarry® cc holster to an LEO at the FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) in New Mexico and he showed his SmartCarry® to his fellow officers at the training center. As a result, we've received a number of orders from LEO's at the center. Nothing beats good old "word of mouth" advertising! Because of our patented construction which eliminates all downward facing seams, a snag-free holster such as SmartCarry® is a must for this type of mission! And the air marshals are purchasing our Security model holsters instead of our standard models because, as one officer told us when placing his order, " 30,000 feet in an aircraft, I want as much extra ammunition as I can carry!". The larger firearm pockets on our Security model will allow four or five extra magazines to be carried instead of the one that can be carried in our standard version SmartCarry®. Those of you who already carry in SmartCarry® know what we mean when we say there is no more comfortable way to carry a firearm, and that includes a 52.25 oz. M1911A-1 (loaded weight)!

We always have several customers who come by and buy a SmartCarry® concealed carry holster because their friend(s) have one and told them how great they worked. Our orders keep going up, and we have a very nice surprise for SmartCarry® customers, but it's still several months away, so just keep checking our website to find out what it will be! And our thanks to our customers for telling their families and friends about SmartCarry® concealed carry holsters, and our everlasting thanks to those of you who carry in SmartCarry® and post about it on the Internet! On quite a few of the orders we get, when we ask them where they learned about SmartCarry®, the answer is "...on the Internet", and one man, who has a Glock, said he heard about SmartCarry® on the Glock Talk Group.

Remember that you, and you alone, are your families' and your own ultimate and final protector. The government can't do it and never has been able to do it, a fact our Founding Fathers knew all too well, and is one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment. And SmartCarry® is the best, safest, most comfortable and fastest draw concealed carry holster in production! We just got an e-mail from a customer who said we should mention on the website how the stiff denim we use makes for such a fast draw from SmartCarry®, and being very tough, it's also very long lasting. And we do make our holsters from very heavy duty dark blue denim or white duck cloth, and they are double walled, and always have been. Not a bad idea, and we might just add it to our holster description. Ray & Carol of Ray's Holsters & Shado Leather also do the same Florida shows as we do, and they had three of the best shows they've had in a long time, just like us and every other dealer at these shows. Thanks to all of you who read this and mention it to us at gun shows. We certainly appreciate it! Quick note, got a call from Dr. Ignatius Piazza, CEO and founder of Front Sight Firearm Training Institute concerning our SmartCarry® holsters and I asked him if he's tried our large size SmartCarry® for his morning jogs w/ his Glock 17. He replied that he has, and it's solved his holster/jogging problems! Like we've said, you can run as fast as you physically can wearing a SmartCarry® and you don't even know it's there! Now Dr. Piazza knows that, as well!

Those of you who follow our activities on this page will remember that I mentioned we had sent different sizes of our SmartCarry® concealed carry holsters to Front Sight Training Institute in California for testing and evaluation. What better way to let us know that they liked what we sent them than to place an order for several of each size of SmartCarry® concealed carry holsters for their Nevada Pistol Academy in Las Vegas! They will be offering them to their customers at the pistol store there. We'd like to thank SmartCarry® user Bruce "Boomer" Holecek, Founder & of Tower Hobbies for filling us in about Front Sight. Bruce took training at Front Sight and demonstrated to some of the instructors there just how fast and easy carrying and drawing from SmartCarry® really is! It looks like we've "built the better mouse trap" and the world is beating a path to our door!

We're selling more Sentry Solutions products, Bright Sights and Car Holsters from our "Other Products We Sell" page, so check them out on our products page. Let me mention again that if you want to prevent a handgun from rusting, the best thing to use is Sentry Solutions's Marine TUF-CLOTH @ $9.95 each. A TUF-CLOTH will last me about 2 years, using it every evening when I take my 1911 out of SmartCarry®. When the mineral spirits (paint thinner, you can buy a quart at any supermarket for about $2.00) evaporates and the cloth drys out (which happens about every 35 to 40 days on a daily use basis), just fold the TUF-CLOTH into a square and add about Ray's Holsters and Shado Leathera tablespoon full of mineral spirits to the cloth. And when the zip-lock air tight bag that TUF-CLOTH comes in wears out, just replace it with a zip-lock freezer bag.

Ray & Carol of Ray's Holsters and Shado Leather did a gun & knife show in New Orleans and told us they had a very good show in the "Big Easy". Ray's a real master when it comes to leather working and his 5 way holsters are very popular, as are his western rigs with cowboy action shooting becoming more popular. Ray had a customer this past weekend who was looking or a really deep concealment holster, so Ray directed him to our tables and both the customer and his son purchased SmartCarry® cc holsters.

Ray's Holsters and Shado Leather

And when someone is looking for a quality leather holster, we direct them to Ray & Carol's tables, where the selection of quality hand crafted leather products is very diverse.

And this is Carol, the better looking half of Ray's Holsters aka Shado Leather. Shown here demonstrating one of their gun concealment pursers, a favorite with the ladies. For those interested in leather holsters or concealment purses (and they also have a fine selection of western fast draw rigs for cowboy shooting) it pays to check out their site frequently, as they do run specials from time to time.

Ray's Holsters and Shado Leather

This mannequin is certainly no dummy when it comes to selecting the right holster for concealed carry! Note that even if you stood on your head and shook your hips, the firearm will never leave the holster because your lower outer garment keeps it in place! And I've done that before, against our bedroom wall with 48 oz. Mr. Ithaca on board! If you go to the Gunshows-USA Website, you can view a list of all up coming gun shows, nationwide, and this link will take you there. I'd suggest you bookmark this page for your future use. Don't forget that we call forward our calls when we're out of town, so you can still use our toll-free number (1-888-459-2358) to place your order on weekends. We've taken quite a few orders while driving and Carolyn handles the phone unless I pull off the road and park on the shoulder. I believe in paying attention to the road when driving, and I may have that attitude because I'm also a licensed pilot.

We got a call from a SmartCarry® customer in Denver, Colorado who purchased a small SmartCarry® from us this past January to carry a 2" barrel S&W j-frame. He told us he was carrying his new North American Arms guardian in the small size SmartCarry® and had put two safety pins through the firearm pocket in the holster (like the instruction sheet recommends when you carry a smaller handgun in a larger holster) to prevent the guardian from seating too deeply in the firearm pocket, which makes drawing difficult. Everything was fine until he disarmed himself to enter a location where law-abiding citizens can't carry. And with no firearm or back-up ammo in his SmartCarry® cc holster, he set off the metal detector! He told us it was the safety pins that were triggering the detector! That surprised me, as I have a safety pin through the tactical reload pocket in my large SmartCarry® to prevent the back-up magazine for my 1911 from disappearing in the reload pocket, and it didn't set off the alarm when I had jury duty! Guess it depends on the detector and the size of the safety pin(s)!

While discussing this with B., he told me he had two rather large pins through his SmartCarry®, one running vertical and the other horizontal to keep the little Guardian in place. The pin I use is about a "medium" size safety pin (I've seen smaller ones) and I only use one, and it has never set off the metal detector in the courthouse near us where the vehicle tag and license bureau is located, or the one in the main courthouse in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, where I've pulled jury duty, as I've been through both those detectors wearing my SmartCarry® with the safety pin in it. I mentioned to B. that it could be the sensitivity level the detector is set to trigger at or maybe his two large pins present enough ferrous metal to set it off where my medium sized pin doesn't. But this is something to keep in mind when wearing your SmartCarry® if you're using safety pins to carry a smaller handgun! This was the first time I'd heard of this happening, but it sure makes sense. And B. purchased 3 SmartCarry®'s, one for each size firearm he has plus a Sentry Solutions TUF-CLOTH and two Ghost Glow Bright Sights. That's the best way to solve the safety pin problem!