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SmartCarry®, the Invisible Holster

Standard ModelStandard Model

Our most popular deep-concealed holster comes with one gun barrel pocket and one smaller pocket for a back-up magazine, tactical reload, speed loader or multiple speed strips. Snag-free and built for comfort, it comes with a water-proof Cushmax® backing, durable denim (blue) or duck-cloth (white) and strong elastic and Velcro® strapping. From the Seecamp to the full-size 1911, SmartCarry® holsters comes in four different sizes for almost all gun make and models. Comes in left or right hand models with six different strapping lengths.

Valuables ModelValuables Model

Same as the Standard Model with the addition of one large pocket in the rear, behind the barrel and reload pockets. It provides deep peace-of-mind concealment. For example, you can easily hide your gun, money and/or valuables.

Security ModelSecurity Model

Our ambidextrous model or double sided holster provides equally adept snag-free left or right draw for two handguns. Or carry one gun with extra ammo. It also comes with Valuables pocket across the rear, in back of the double front pockets.

Easy to put on, easy to wear. Carry with confidence.

As the most popular concealed weapon holster with police, SmartCarry® is the original and only patented concealed weapon holster specifically designed in three ways: for comfort; easy, snag-free draw and water-proof so your expensive weapon won't rust. We are an all American, small family business. If you don't want a drawer full of cheap imported holsters, buy the durable SmartCarry® concealed weapon holster. A 60 day trial period is included, plus one year warranty on materials and workmanship (normal wear excluded).

Carry Smart, with SmartCarry®

The concealed carry community always seems to place the most emphasis on buying the ‘right’ handgun for self-defense, and as important as that is – those qualities are worthless if it’s locked away in your gun safe at home. After all you have an expensive gun and put in the countless hours to obtain your carry permit. Hopefully, you've put in some serious hours at the range.

The number one reason people leave their firearm at home? “The handgun feels uncomfortable to carry.”

SmartCarry is a rare combination of form and function, as the gun is comfortably carried over the lower-abdomen, in a position where it’s easy to draw if the time comes. And best of all – you can dress how you’d like and carry the gun however you want. Whether it’s to corporate functions in a suit or a block party in your jeans, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that your firearm is properly concealed and readily accessible.

Our SmartCarry conceal-carry holsters are:

  • Snag Free – All SmartCarry concealed holsters are made with no downward facing seams, meaning that when and if you must draw your weapon, you’ll experience the quickest snag-free draw.
  • Perspiration Proof – All SmartCarry holsters come with 100% waterproof Cushmax backing stitched on the back panel. That means you can rest assured knowing your firearm will be protected from normal corrosive perspiration or moisture.
  • Practically undetectable – SmartCarry leaves minimal to non-existent printing from your firearm depending on the clothes you’re wearing. Since it’s not a traditional gun belt, you can wear it with virtually any configuration of clothing you’d like – from casual attire, sweats to business & formal wear.
  • Comfortable and Long-lasting – Every SmartCarry holster is made with high quality materials and workmanship, making our product soft, sturdy and concealed. No cheap imports here. We only use heavy-duty, durable denim, giving you the very best holster for body movement, comfort and concealment. If you don't want a drawer full of cheap holsters, try SmartCarry!

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