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  • Black Denim, Single Barrel Pocket, One Mag Pocket
  • Blue Denim, Single Barrel Pocket, One Mag Pocket
  • White Denim, Single Barrel Pocket, One Mag Pocket
  • Pink Denim, Single Barrel Pocket, One Mag Pocket
  • Khaki Denim, Single Barrel Pocket, One Mag. Pocket

Mag Pocket Concealed Carry Holster


Product Description

Our most popular deep-concealed holster comes with one gun barrel pocket and one smaller pocket for a back-up magazine, tactical reload, speed loader or multiple speed strips. Sweat-proof,snag-free and built for comfort, it comes with a Cushmax® backing, durable denim (black, blue, khaki, white or pink) and strong elastic and Velcro® strapping. From the Seecamp to the full-size 1911, SmartCarry® holsters comes in four different sizes for  all practical concealed carry gun make and models. Comes in left or right hand models with six different strapping lengths.

Strapping Length Note: Waist sizes will work for males, but females should enter their hip circumference around the widest point, because of the wide difference in waist and hip ratios between men and woman. Hip circumference is also the preferred measurement for men as well. A typed in measurement is also preferred and please let us know if it is your waist or hip measurement, as there is a difference!

Choose from:
SHORT - Waist circumferences 31” and under
REGULAR - Waist circumferences 32" to 37"
LONG - Waist circumferences 38" to 43"

Custom Sizes:
Add $1.00 for CUSTOM LENGTH A 
(waist circumferences 44" to 51")

Add $1.50 for CUSTOM LENGTH B 
(waist circumferences 52" to 58")

Add $2.00 for CUSTOM LENGTH 
(waist circumferences 59" to 71")

Add $1.00 per inch for Velcro® lengths 
longer than 18", which is the length of the 
Velcro® on our custom C strapping length.

Only for Laser/Tactical Light Equipped Guns: An extra wide firearm pocket is available to accommodate under barrel tactical lights/laser sights. Not all under barrel laser sights require an extra wide firearm pocket, especially the Crimson Trace lasers. Note that some S&W K-frame and all L and X frame revolvers, including Ruger GP100's will require a custom wide holster as well, so check the laser box for these handguns. Include the make and model number of the laser sight or tactical light installed on your handgun when you place your order and we'll determine if you require a custom wide firearm pocket.

LASER/LIGHT NOTE: Most makes and models with an under-the-barrel light or laser require custom, extra width for an additional $5.00. On the grip lasers do not need laser width! The following firearms do not need the extra laser width: Kel-Tec P3AT with a Crimson Trace LG-430, the PF9 with a Crimson Trace LG-435, Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace LG-431, SR9c with an LG-449, LC9 with an LG-412 or a Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard. If your model is not on this list, then feel free to call/text us 727 581-7001 with any questions.


Standard Mail S&H FREE
Note that orders weighing over 12 ounces must ship via Priority Mail - $7.00. Express- $30.00. UPS, special handling, call.


7% sales tax for orders with a Florida destination

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Product Reviews

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  1. Better than expected

    Posted by Mark on 29th Nov 2017

    From first test fit it is super comfortable. Will be wearing every time I go out. My good friend has worn them for years and talked me into trying one, I’m glad he did!

  2. Great product with Outstanding Service!

    Posted by John Robinson on 23rd Nov 2017

    I purchased a Smart Carry Holster for my Springfield Armory XD9 Mod 2. It didn’t fit well in the holster sent and I reviewed it as such. I got a call from Rob at Smart Carry who exchanged it for a slightly larger size and it works perfectly. Great product and outstanding customer service!

  3. One Month And Still 5 Stars

    Posted by Bryan on 31st Oct 2017

    The SmartCarry has become my favorite holster. It has greater comfort and is more concealable than anything else I have tried. I ordered it for my Shield, and it fits all three guns on my carry permit.

    Worn for a month on very warm days, no moisture on the gun. After a month, the elastic is a little wavy (like it was stressed) but not compromised. Some edges on the strap are bending back but the stitching is holding it securely in place. I think it will show wear in a short time but still be completely functional after a few years.

    It is so comfortable I am not restricted from doing anything. The bigger the gun the more it protrudes but I think looking for it (down the front of my body) I'm probably the only person that would notice it. The edge of the butt of a wide grip (double stack) will print if your pants are snug. Overall comfort is better wearing pants that are slightly loose, and with a higher waist. Pleats help hide it.

    Takes just a little practice and wearing it to get comfortable drawing from it, and using a restroom.
    I am still extra careful when I reholster, preferring to undo the pants (usually in the car, quickly and somewhat discretely). The empty holster isn't even noticeable while wearing.

    Highly recommended. I just ordered another for a larger gun for carry around the house, which should fit most of the other guns in my safe. Great return period (60 days) if it doesn't work out, so worth the "risk." I was skeptical like many here, but I'm so happy with it.

    If you knew how lazy I am about endorsing any product, you would be even more impressed with my review.

  4. Not For Everyone, But Great Craftsmanship and Stellar Customer Service

    Posted by Mitch on 5th Oct 2017

    I purchased a SmartCarry holster for my wife for her to try to carry on-body carry instead of in her purse. She didn't like it just because she isn't used to wearing something around her waist/lower abdomen. However, it barely fit me when I tried it on and I can say it held the firearm securely, was reasonably comfortable (would have been more-so if I didn't have to put it on tightly due to it being slightly small), and was an excellent way to conceal a firearm without a belt or cover garment. We sent the holster back since it didn't fit me and she didn't like it. There was a month delay in my refund (now I know it was due to the hurricane, I did not realize SmartCarry was based in Florida), so I called the number on the site to ask about it. Rob, the owner of the company, personally answered and was extremely helpful and polite. He took care of the refund and offered me a $10 discount on another SmartCarry if I ever chose to purchase one for myself. I hope that SmartCarry continues to do well as a company for years to come.

  5. True concealment

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2017

    One of the objects of carrying concealed is that no one knows that you are carrying. Smart Carry allows you to do just that, even with shorts and no shirt on a beach! Safely, securely, and in absolute comfort! This is simply the best concealed carry holster on the market. I have just three words for the folks at smart Carry, Quality, Comfort, and Concealment. Thank you!!

  6. Unseen security

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2017

    Great product especially for the summer months when wearing shorts & t-shirts. Everything safe, handy and concealed.

  7. Great Comfort - No Painting

    Posted by Nick on 21st Aug 2017

    I have tried many concealed-carry holsters, with the challenge being comfort and no painting while wearing shorts (I live at the beach). This is the first that scores max on both counts! I even wear it cycling! I highly recommend this product.

  8. I was skeptical .... BUT

    Posted by Ken on 17th Aug 2017

    I was a little skeptical of the whole concept, BUT WHAT A SURPRISE!! I had decided to purchase the holster since it wasn't expensive and I was curious about there not being any printing, which is always a big issue for me since my gut has gotten a bit large, and I prefer Appendix Carry.
    Well, what a SURPRISE! I received my Smart Carry Holster yesterday, and wore it all day today. Now I know why it is called "Smart" Carry. It is a brilliant product, totally comfortable even though the carry position is a bit unique, but as I said, I prefer Appendix Carry and this is 'kinda close. Most importantly, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRINTING ANYWHERE! I spent most of the day at home so I could experiment going to the potty, and practice my draw. I was wearing sweat shorts, so both exercises were pretty easy. I'm sure that my "draw" will take some extra practice when I am fully dressed, as will the potty thing, but I don't see it as a problem. The comfort and total "deep" concealment is so unique and can't be beat in my opinion. Tomorrow I will be placing another order for another holster for my larger size guns. The other neat thing is that I anticipate being able to carry any of my pistols with owning probably only two holsters since they are not necessarily "model specific". I can't wait to show this to my shooting buddies at the range.
    The Smart Carry Holster is truly something to be appreciated, (and used every day)!!
    Thanks Rob !

  9. great deep cover holster

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2017

    I have owned this for a few months now, wearing everyday and it does the job. Never had a deep cover holster before so, it took a few days to get used to it. Now I forget its on. Will buy again when I upgrade my weapon.

  10. Almost perfect

    Posted by Jamil Kayali on 4th Jul 2017

    Everything about this holster is done with great quality. I do wish it were custom fit not just a general size. That is the reason for 4 stars not 5. I love it and the fit is the only thing I think could be improved.

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