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How to choose a firearm for a woman

Posted by SmartCarry on

Sadly, the myth that women are somehow less able or too weak to shoot a powerful handgun exists. It exists in gun stores, on the web or anywhere a woman might go to purchase a firearm. But just as men choose their firearm, so should women. Just like with women, some men also have small hands and some women have large hands. Some women have strong arms and some men have not so strong arms. So right after reliability making sure the gun is able to fire when you need it to, below are the 4 steps on how to choose a gun.

First, choose your carry method. Personally I think off-body carrying methods such as purses, glove department etc., makes it too easy for an assailant to disarm you. Then, not only are you defenseless, you’ve just armed your attacker. So I prefer on-body carry, for best results choose a concealed carry holster that is comfortable, durable, snag-free and sweat –proof. But most of all, one that comes with a “money –back” guarantee like “SmartCarry”. It was formerly named thunder belt, is known worldwide, and has lots of great reviews.

Second, choose a gun that fits good in your hand, nothing too big or too small. Make sure your trigger finger is not being stretched too far or the thumb joint will ache. You don’t want to adjust your grip to manipulate the weapon – not something you want when facing off with a bad guy. When it comes to guns one size does not fit all.

Third, you need to choose the weight, to really know if this gun is right for you. You need to shoot the gun for an hour or two. I know, it’s not likely that you will ever need to shoot for hours on end, but that’s the only way to test what is your best weight.

The last is Control; can you control the gun well enough when firing it? Can you keep the muzzle from popping upward? Any defensive firearm is a compromise of carry ability, fit, weight and control and several other factors. No single firearm is likely to have every category for any given person. Choose your compromises carefully.