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" Charlie, Great service - ordered my holster on Friday 4-15-05 and received it on the following Tuesday the 19th. The holster is everything you said it was. Being from Florida (I'm in Michigan now for a while). I walked around the house in my bathing suit and a tee shirt and my Fiancee didn't know I had it on and I was packing my Walther ppk/s .380. The longer you wear this holster the less noticeable it is and is very comfortable. I made a mistake and purchased a DEFENDER holster and wore it for about a week and that was enough for me. Thanks again for a great holster. Its perfect for anyone with a ccw license as it does what you buy it for. Great idea and product. Thanks again "

B. Mc. - Bay City, MI

" I purchased your lower abdomen concealed carry holster some time ago. I believe wearing it and carrying my handgun may have saved my life! Recently, I was approached in an isolated mall parking lot by four young men who threatened me and demanded my purse and keys. I responded by simply raising my t-shirt to my waist and showing them the butt of my ever-present Glock. I did not have to draw my gun at all. One look did it. They ran. I can honestly say that I would not have been carrying that day had I not had the convenience and complete concealment of your SmartCarry product. Thank you! Please do not use my name or email address publicly. Webmaster's note: The above is from a lady customer who bought her SmartCarry® cc holster in early March of 2000. We will honor her request for anonymity and simply say she's from North Carolina. An e-mail like this makes us very grateful that our product saved this person a lot of grief and possible injury or death. And she's right about the comfort - I put my large size SmartCarry® on every morning when I dress, just like another piece of clothing. Where ever I go and can legally carry, my constant companion, "Mr. Ithaca", is always with me! "

" Charlie, I saw your product at a gun show in Lakeland on August 4, and then I was skeptical of the smart carry. Well, I ordered one about a week later. You were right, it is the only concealable holster that you can wear anything with and still carry your full-size handgun. I carry a Glock 17 and a Beretta 96, both which are full-size handguns and I am able to move freely and comfortably. I even wore the smart carry to work for 10 hours and was impressed how comfortable it was. I have recommended the smart carry to my friends who carry and I am even considering buying one for my wife. Nobody can even tell that I am carrying. I am a very skinny guy about 5'11'', 150 lbs and I used to carry my gun in a inside-the-pants holster, what a bunch of crap. It always used to fall out and it was very noticeable when you are in public, then I started to carry a waist pack with the firearm pouch, that got to be too inconvenient. Thanks for the great product. "

T. D. - Riverview, FL

" Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I currently carry a Smith & Wesson 4006 TSW with combat grips. I've worn it practically everywhere, including to a wedding where it was perfectly concealed in my tuxedo. A few weeks ago, I appeared at a hearing in federal court in Massachusetts (I'm an attorney, not a defendant). The court's procedure requires me to announce that I am carrying and proceed to an area where I can be supervised while I check my weapon. The U.S. Marshalls could not believe that I carried a full-size automatic in a suit without printing. (Webmaster's note: The message above was typed in the message area of our encrypted secure order form by a SmartCarry® user who purchased another holster for a different firearm. D. B. has been carrying in a SmartCarry® cc holster for quite some time, so he speaks from experience!) "

D. B. - Longmeadow, MA

" Charlie, First off I must thank and congratulate you on marketing an amazing product and running a truly professional and prompt business. My Smartcarry arrived within 52 hours of ordering, and greatly exceeded my expectations. The fit is perfect, the construction top-notch, highly comfortable, and totally concealable. (Which is critical now that my workplace has gone "casual.") You've earned a customer for life. "

P. C. - Abington, PA

" Thanks for the order, I have been wearing my holster, it hides pretty good. I wear pretty tight jeans too. Sometimes you see bulge, but then I will wear a longer shirt, I try to shop for things with frills in the front. Sometimes it is worth a little wardrobe change to feel safer!! Thanks again. It washes well too!! "

D. L. - Porter, TX

" I ordered my SmartCarry rather tentatively my main concern being I was going to be the girl walking down the street looking like I had a hard on. I have another holster I liked ok it worked fine as long as I wore loose fitting shirts and then remembered not to bend over. My smartcarry got here like 2 days after I ordered it. I got home from work put it on and basically haven't taken it off other than to sleep since. I am absolutely in love with this thing. There is essentially no printing. I have hugged friends, wrestled with my dogs, gone to work, shopping, etc. no one that I've been spending time with has even had the slightest idea I've been carrying. It works great with everything I've worn. When I do wear my tighter fitting jeans it still works great. Only someone actively looking at your groin will see there's a tiny bit of displacement. I put my multi-tool or cellphone in my pocket and it completely eliminates that. There is a decent amount of extra strap on mine when I put it on that it would be nice to have a way to secure so it doesn't ride up on its own. Other than that I really have no complaints. Very happy about the delivery too my other CC holster that I have came in a package with logos and big letters announcing to my entire building I just got a really neat holster. My SmartCarry on the other hand was very discrete. Super happy all across the board. "

R. B. - Arlington, VA

" Hi Charlie, I wore my SmartCarry all week during vacation to get used to carrying a gun all day. I can't carry at my work at all. Anyway, it took a few tries to get used to getting dressed a different way. The velcro closure was tricky to secure each time, so I joined the velcro at the right point and put the holster on like a pair of pants. I found that the velcro would stick to my clothes and snag, so I went out and bought more hook and loop tape to adhere to the exposed side, and now it doesn't catch on my clothing. Here it is 115 in Phoenix. Yes, it does get hot and sweaty in the crotch area, but the gun still was comfortable. I have a Ruger LCP, which is a small gun, and it is invisible in the SmartCarry. I bought it white so I can wear it with my white pants. No one ever saw it. My husband said it wasn't noticeable either. My husband carries a Ruger 9mm with a traditional holster. He had to wear a long shirt to cover his waist and had to make sure he didn't bend over too far. I could wear what I wanted without fear. I loaded the car, camped in a tent, hiked, and rode a bicycle with my gun. No problems. Going to the bathroom took a lot longer, getting redressed afterwards, but no real issues. I did have to wash my holster when we got home because of the gun dust from being at the range. I just hand washed it with Woolite and it was clean again. So, happy with my product. I tell people about your product all the time. Thanks "

D. W. - Scottsdale, AZ

" Dear Charlie, I wanted to send an e-mail to say thank you for making a holster we can use everyday, carry concealed without anyone knowing we have a pistol on us, unless we tell them. I am a retired Chief of Police, and thru out my career and after retirement I obtained a lot of holsters. But since I discovered the Smart Carry, I ordered one, tried it, and then ordered a second one for another pistol I carry, and they are now my favorite carry holster. I really like the fact it is a deep concealment holster, which is very important to me, as I don't have to worry about it being seen by anyone, but yet easy to draw if needed. Thank you for making such a great holster, I recommend it to anyone interested in carrying concealed. Take care and stay safe, "

O.G. - Buena Park, California

" Charlie, I hope everything's going well. Sorry for taking so long. My deepest thanks for your exemplary customer service in getting the holster to me so quickly. I've worn it almost everyday since using it for the task we spoke of. During that assignment I even had to jump up three times while wearing the tuxedo. I almost forgot I was wearing my HK USP 45! The pistol felt so comfortable inside of the Smart Carry. Before the event I had to have the tux pants altered. This was the same day after the holster arrived. In the changing room I switched the pistol from my IWB holster to the Smart Carry. I went to the seamstress and she kneeled down in front of the pants, gathered some of the material, pinned and marked them. During this time she did not say anything. I went back to the changing room, got dressed, switched holsters and came out. When I spoke to the lady I asked her if she saw my pistol I had on under the tux pants as she did the alterations. With a surprised look, she asked, "You had a gun? I didn't see anything." She asked what I did (for a living) and I told her I was law enforcement. Again she remarked that she never knew I was carrying a gun in the pants. Your holster is so comfortable and conceals my pistol extremely effectively. I've been telling my partners and friends about you and your outstanding piece of kit. I very much thank God for blessing you with the idea for the Smart Carry, and thank you for your hard work in taking your idea and making it into an efficient, comfortable and secure way for us to be armed while doing this in a very concealed fashion. If I'm not in my load out gear or using my IWB, my USP has found a new home inside of your Smart Carry holster. Please find attached my credentials. Again, my sincerest thanks to you Charlie. Semper Fi. Best Regards, "

D.F. - Sacramento, CA

" Received the holster. Fits both me and the gun great and I am very happy with it. Thanks for making the exchange so easy, and for a great product! "

Roberta. Z. - Eugene, OR

" I have two of your holsters. I have been wearing them continuously, 16 hours a day, for over two years (going on three). As law enforcement and a side job as a rental property manager, the ability to comfortably carry concealed is invaluable to me. I am writing to ask if you still offer a LEO discount? I would like to order a security version of the holster and, if you like, I will again provide a photocopy of my credentials. (Answer: Yes. And he didn't even have to resend his LEO credentials, we keep them on file.) "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry, March 23, 1776 "

T. G. - Jasper, GA

" Charlie, I spoke with you on the phone last week and you helped me decide on ordering the large, Standard Model for carrying my Beretta 96. I was a little leery of being able to carry a larger gun in this manner and also be comfortable. After wearing it for the past week, I no longer have that concern. It is the most comfortable concealment holster I have worn. While off-duty, I generally wear a pair of shorts and t-shirt, which is not conducive to carrying concealed. I can wear whatever I want and still have my gun too. Now I can go out of the house as a sheepdog and not as one of the sheep. Thank you for a great product. "

S. J., Sergeant, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Robbery/Homicide Bureau, Robbery Section, (XXX) XXX-XXXX Cellular (XXX) XXX-XXX1 Desk

" I got my smart carry standard holster in the mail today and have been wearing it ever since with my Glock 27 (40 cal). I've had it on with cargo short, plain elastic shorts and my blue jeans. This is so comfortable and it took me all of 2 minutes to get used to it, comfortable with it and proficient with it. I am retired law enforcement and needed an option besides my ankle holster or IWB holster with a shirt outside. This is going to be my full time carry holster for all apparel. Please feel free to use my testimonial in your web page. "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years" "

H.H. CCSO Sgt. (ret.) - Lehigh Acres, FL

" Dear Charlie, I received my holster in the mail today. I figured I would try it out with the larger of the weapons, the Glock 27 to see how it felt. I am amazed and astounded that it is virtually impossible to detect even when wearing tight jeans. It is totally easy to draw the weapon even from the sitting position. It is also perfectly comfortable to wear sitting down as I write this email. I told you I would write this endorsement but now request that you do not use my name as I will be wearing this from now on and would not wish others to know it and try to look for it. Sincerely, a retired Special Agent of the FBI. Best to you. "

B. S. - Lakeland, FL

" Hello, received my order today, Fast shipping, I want to add that this is the Best holster for concealment I have ever had. Background: I am a retired LEO 24 years Criminal Investigations USA, 24 years County Police. In all those years the many holsters I have, and use, are IWB, OWB, shoulder and Ankle Holsters, this is by far the most concealable, comfortable, and easily accessible for the weapon I carry, even when seated. I conceal the Para USA Carry 9. So Kudos' to you for the service and the Holster, I will recommend you to all I know. "

R. D. - Lawrenceville Ga.

" My wife ordered my Smartcarry for me as a Christmas gift in Dec,2008. I have been carrying a pistol every day in my Smartcarry, both on and off duty,and I have never found a more comfortable, deep concealment holster. I have carried both an HK P7 and my Kahr PM9, as well as a variety of other handguns such as a Sig P225, and I have found that the Smartcarry hides them all, yet leaves them available for drawing if the need arises. I pocket carried my Kahr for years, but I have found now I have access to both my front pockets with the Smartcarry. I have recommended it my friends, and if you have the need to conceal a handgun, yet have it accessible, the Smartcarry is an excellent option. "

Sheriff S. B. - Oconee Co GA.

" I'm a retired LEO from Orlando, FL now residing in SW Missouri. Last week I received the Smart Carry Holster for my Sig P220 Compact. Yesterday I attended a firearms qualification course for retired law enforcement officers which was offered by the Missouri State University. This course meets the standards established by HR 218 pursuant to 18 U.SO.CO. 926C of the law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 which permits retired law enforcement to carry a concealed firearm provided you qualify annually. In attendance at this course were a number of retired law enforcement officers from various parts of the country but primarily from the Kansas City PD. Prior to qualification the topic of concealed carry was discussed. Of course, I had to bring up the attributes of the Smart Carry holster, since nobody in attendance was familiar with it. I must say, everyone was very impressed and I suspect you will be receiving a number of orders. I also showed his holster to a very prominent gun dealer in Ozark, Mo (Elephant and Castle) and suspect he will be contacting you if he has not already done so. He was also very impressed with the Smart Carry. Your Smart Carry holster is everything you say it is and more. Very comfortable to wear and carry a Sig P220 Compact which is really not that compact (.45 ACP with 3.9 inch barrel) totally concealed with a spare magazine as well. Even though this holster was made for the Sig P220 compact, I did try my full size Sig P226 in it, and found I could carry it in comfort totally concealed as well. However to be on the safe side, and have the trigger guard completely covered by the holster, my next order will be for the larger Smart Carry so I can carry the larger gun as well. Thanks for a great concealed carry holster. "

R. M. - Sparta, MO

" Dear Charlie, I've been a police officer for over 15 years and have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on holsters of every style and design in an attempt to find the "holy grail" of concealment holsters. I ran across your website while trying to find yet another concealment rig that would be discreet and comfortable (two words that I've found to diametrically opposed to each other in regards to concealing a firearm) to use this summer while wearing shorts and summer shirts. I've always had more problems putting my ensemble together than my wife did anytime we went anywhere. Winter time was not too bad, you can always throw on a sweatshirt to cover up your holster. Summer time has always been down-right miserable: IWB holster, undershirt to keep the skin on my side from getting chewed to pieces from my pistol, some kind of shirt, un-tucked, over that to conceal the holster and then sweating like I was in the 7th inner circle of Hades. I browsed through your entire website, read the reviews, examined the photos and even watched some videos on youtube. Initially, I thought there was no way concealing a firearm in this manner could be remotely comfortable, especially for a guy. However, I was desperate to find something that worked and with your 60 day money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose. However, I fully expected to be returning the holster within a week of receiving it. I placed my order and WOW you folks are quick! I had the holster shipped to my parents business, a Police and EMS Supply store, and my Dad was very amused at my recent purchase. My family and I were going out to eat that night. As soon as I got home I slipped into the bedroom before my wife did and donned the Smart Carry with shorts and a TUCKED IN shirt. As we were getting ready to leave, my wife asked me, "Are you not carrying your gun?". She hates the fact that I always have my shirt un-tucked, and frankly so do I, so she noticed right away. I told her not only was I carrying my gun but I also was carrying a spare magazine. She was obviously curious as to how this was possible and I asked her to try and figure out where it was. She looked me up and down and couldn't figure it out. Once I told her, I had to show her to make her believe it. As far as comfortability, this holster is absolutely the best I've ever worn. It takes a little getting used to and some trial and error to find the best manner in which to wear the Smart Carry but all this was worked out in a couple of days for me. Just a few days after receiving the holster I had to make about a two hour road trip and was wondering how the Smart Carry would perform while driving for an extended period of time and all I can say is that it was outstanding. The Smart Carry was far more comfortable than any IWB holster I've ever worn and much easier to access while seat-belted in. A extra benefit of the Smart Carry is it also keeps your shirt tucked in for you like a Hidden Tailor, only better and badder. Even beyond the physical comfort and just as important, for me anyway, is the mental comfort of not having to worry about your shirt riding up and exposing the butt of your weapon, or printing when you bend over or squat down. If the Smart Carry gets exposed, I probably have more important things to worry about because the exposure will come from EMS personnel cutting my pants off in the back of an ambulance. The construction of the holster is beyond excellent. Kudos to your seamstresses! I'm an administrator for our department and ride a desk most of the time and have tried carrying a back-up weapon in an ankle holster but it has never really been comfortable enough to do on a daily basis and invariably my pants leg gets hiked up and snagged on the holster. The Smart Carry eliminates all of this. I don't even notice that its there, and more importantly, no one else does either. I've raised more than a few eyebrows when "showing off" the Smart Carry to fellow officers. So far no one has been able to spot it and they are quite intrigued when I finally show it to them. I carry a weapon any time and every time I leave the house without exception. I've been using the Smart Carry for almost a month now and I wish I would have had one 15 years ago. It would have saved me a ton of money and a lot of discomfort over the years plus I can wear a shirt tucked in again. This is the best concealment holster design, bar none. It's comfortable, secure and ultra-discreet. Charlie, thank you for the Smart Carry! It's a wonderful, well thought out design. The Smart Carry has got me back to carrying a back-up weapon while at work, which every officer should be doing. You and the Smart Carry have done a great service for the Law Enforcement and Concealed Carry Community. I'm singing your praises to all that will listen and will continue to do so. Gratefully, "

M. B., Commander - Xxxxxxxxxxx KS PD

" I recently purchased one of your smartcarry holsters and am very pleased with it. I'm 5' 10" and about 180 lbs with an athletic build. I carry a glock 23 which is a fairly large weapon to conceal especially with my build. Needless to say no one has ever noticed that I'm carrying. Even my wife can't tell when im carrying, or not unless she asks. As far as being comfortable, I think I've put it to the test. I've drove for five hours with it on and almost forgot i was wearing it. Another day I was going hunting and was debating on wearing it because I was wearing bibs and couldnt wear my hip holster. Needless to say I wore the smartcarry holster and after walking about a mile and a half in the woods, standing on watch for three hours then walking back out the smartcarry was as comfortable as it was when I first put it on. I was concerned about it rubbing my legs with all that walking, but that never happened. I would strongly recommend this holster for anyone. As a matter of fact I'm buying one for a relative who is also in law enforcement and I'm sure he will love it. Thanks for making such a quality product that performs exactly like you say it will. "

B. A. - Central N.Y.


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