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How Does the Gun Stay in the SmartCarry® Holster?

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Unlike other concealed carry holsters, SmartCarry® is a combination holster and belt. The gun is not loose in the holster. It is firmly & securely held in place by the elastic belt tension and because it is sandwiched between your clothing. The gun rides comfortably in the holster in front of the body and points down, not back, The weight of the gun is held by the belt, and will not sag your your clothing.

You can freely move, change positions knowing that your gun will be in the exact position you holstered it.

Just like practicing at the range, it is important to practice drawing and re-holstering your gun in the SmartCarry® holster. In a potentially life threatening encounter, it is absolutely necessary to rely on muscle memory and practiced reflex. For comfort & security, carry the SmartCarry® holster: