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Exercising with Concealed Carry

Posted by Robert Boyce/ on

Exercising with the SmartCarry® Concealed Carry Holster

SmartCarry® the Invisible Holster™provides a comfortable, sweat-proof barrier--your weapon stays dry. Carry your gun safely and discreetly. Created with breathable and flexible denim material, it molds to your body for the best fit possible. The holster holds your gun on your body and will not sag your clothing. Keep your gun dry with SmartCarry®

Wear any athletic wear. In a society of people who frequently and daily carry their firearm, it only makes sense to have a product that allows you to do so in every facet of life, including exercising. Not sold on Amazon, only at:

See Reid Hendricks handstand push-ups with SmartCarry at about 3.24", 

Disappearing underneath athletic garments, the SmartCarry® is breathable for maximum comfort while:

  • Jogging/Running  (outside and on the treadmill)
  • At the gym
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Motorcycle 

When exercising, you have no worries about bulging, discomfort or exposure. To learn more about the versatility of this product see: or  contact us: rob@smartcarry or text at 727.581.7001 today.