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Conceal Carry Holsters; the price factor

Posted by SmartCarry on

About six months ago I purchased a nice-looking pair of shoes at Walmart for about $20. And that same week, I bought another pair of shoes at Men’s Warehouse for $160. Within weeks, the cheap shoes began to fall apart – despite being worn only occasionally. Yet, the more expensive pair still look great today – even though I wear them quite often as they are very comfortable.

What was my lesson? Nothing really new actually – just that – good quality merchandise generally costs more than junk.

When it comes to a concealed weapon holster, why would anyone with an expensive hand gun buy a cheap holster for it? We all know that cheap things don’t last long. Customers tell us that their SmartCarry holsters last 6 or 7 years of daily use.

We don’t hear any such testimonials about the cheap, imported holsters currently on the market. Most of them will likely fall apart in just months of daily use. Then you buy another one, and another one, and … Is that really saving money?

Smart gun owners invest in the best quality available: SmartCarry!