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Bigger Is Not Better With Concealed Carry!

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Recently we have noticed responsibly armed citizens are ordering larger SmartCarry holsters for larger concealed carry handguns. For most men and women the ideal concealed carry handgun has a barrel length around three inches. Now we are seeing more handguns in the 4” to even 5” barrel length range.

I’m not saying it’s not comfortable or practical to carry a larger weapon; I am saying that carrying a larger gun may not be as reasonable as a smaller gun. A larger gun is more likely to have an imprint and may not be as comfortable sitting or driving.

I’m making an assumption here, but I think there is a growing bigger, better, faster, more mentality that is complicating the comfort and ease of deep concealed carry. There are two basic issues with concealed carry: concealment and a surprise draw. Choosing to carry a weapon requires serious consideration—how will you be ready in a potentially life or death situation. Nobody is supposed to know you’re carrying so you have the element of surprise. But if you are under 6 feet tall, how practical is it to carry a heavy, bulky gun? Do you want maneuverability or power, or a combination of both?

What you carry and how you carry is an individual choice that requires analysis and comparing & contrasting. If you want compactness go with a pistol with a 3” barrel length or a revolver with a 2” barrel. If you want a little more heft, go with a 4” barrel length. If you want bigger, better, faster, more,

go with a barrel length of 4.25” or more. If you want to have your cake and eat it too choose a smaller gun with a larger caliber. Although taller people can carry a larger weapon, every responsibly armed citizen needs to be armed with intelligence and knowledge first. So carry smart!