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​Beware of this extreme danger:

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Beware of this extreme danger: I'm posting this again because it is just as important as the Second Amendment and economic democracy. SmartCarry® is a small independent company. We depend on Net Neutrality for our livelihood as well as our employees. Do you want to be told what to think, what to see, what to hear and what to buy on the Internet? Do you want to give up your freedom to choose? The FCC and the broadband industry want to control what you see on the internet.

As free citizens, we have the right to choose what we search for, not what a few corporations think we should see. These companies who basically have unlimited wealth include: Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Charter Communications and most cable TV/internet providers. The economic freedom of small businesses and all American citizens who buy stuff on the internet is threatened. Net neutrality means political and economic freedom to choose.
Cable TV is dying fast and they want to privatize all of the internet—make it a toll road for everyone, world-wide. Pay-to-play will replace the free market. Small companies, music, art, even cute cat videos no matter how legitimate or the quality of their products will be invisible—unable to pay be seen. Privatizing the internet is anti democratic and anti free market. Privatization is raw greed, size and power over fairness. Except for powerful corporations, everybody looses.
Do you want to be told what to see on the internet?
Contact the following:
For your elected officals:
The FCC, Federal Communications Commission: