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Staying Cool with the SmartCarry® Concealed Carry Holster

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It’s hot and in many places: humid. If you carry everyday, you want a holster that is sweat-proof and comfortable. You don’t want to worry if your valuable weapon will rust in the summer or anytime. With flexible denim material, molding to your body for the best fit possible, your gun is held on your body. It will not sag your clothing. Stay loose and comfortable.

Disappearing underneath summer clothing, SmartCarry® is breathable for maximum comfort.
Keep your weapon secure with no bulging or exposure. No matter what you are doing, inside or outside, the light weight SmartCarry holster will keep you and your weapon safe and dry.
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Buy SmartCarry® at or contact rob@smartcarry for more info.
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How Does the Gun Stay in the SmartCarry® Holster?

Unlike other concealed carry holsters, SmartCarry® is a combination holster and belt. The gun is not loose in the holster. It is firmly & securely held in place by the elastic belt tension and because it is sandwiched between your clothing. The gun rides comfortably in the holster in front of the body and points down, not back, The weight [...]

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Exercising with Concealed Carry

Exercising with the SmartCarry® Concealed Carry HolsterSmartCarry® the Invisible Holster™provides a comfortable, sweat-proof barrier--your weapon stays dry. Carry your gun safely and discreetly. Created with breathable and flexible denim material, it molds to your body for the best fit possible. The holster holds your gun on your body and will not sag your clothing. Keep your [...]

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Want to be told what to look at on the Internet?

Do you want to be told what to think, what to see, what to hear and what to buy on the Internet? Do you want to give up your freedom to choose? The FCC and the broadband industry want to control what you see on the internet.As free citizens, we have the right to choose what we search [...]

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Bigger Is Not Better With Concealed Carry!

Recently we have noticed responsibly armed citizens are ordering larger SmartCarry holsters for larger concealed carry handguns. For most men and women the ideal concealed carry handgun has a barrel length around three inches. Now we are seeing more handguns in the 4” to even 5” barrel length range.I’m not saying it’s not comfortable or practical to carry a larger weapon; [...]

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What one customer has to say...

I can't thank you enough for how amazing this holster is. Not only did you get the size perfect for me, but it perfectly fits my pistol too. First time wearing it in public I felt comfortable with it; I knew it was there and could feel it, but it didn't interfere with my movement [...]

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How to order a SmartCarry holster

How to order a SmartCarry® holster. All we need to custom make your holster is the make, model and barrel length of your handgun, and for the strapping length hip size for women and waist size for men. Ordering is that simple. We don't ask you to select the holster size because there are [...]

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Gun Safe Buying Guide

If you own firearms, you need a safe to store them in. In many states including California you are liable for crimes committed with your guns, even if your guns have been stolen. A high-quality gun safe keeps your guns from being stolen and also protects them from damage caused by elements in the air around them.What to look [...]

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Managing the Effects of Recoil

Squeeze the trigger, absorb the recoil – fact of life, right? Recoil is part of firing any gun, of course, but there are ways to minimize the impact. Let’s take a look at three things that can help you wrangle in the effects of recoil – stance, grip and guts. Stance Author and retired U.S. Air Force Col. Ben Findley says in his [...]

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Firearms Safety -- 10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling, from the NSSF

Consistent training is essential for safety and proficiency. Whether novice or a seasoned professional, here are some rules to know:

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