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About the Custom-Made SmartCarry®:

 With 28 years of experience, the patented SmartCarry® holster has provided Made in America comfort and quality that is sweat-proof on the back so your expensive weapon won't rust. Every holster we make is hand-made, custom-fit to you and your gun. Made with  the highest quality materials by our seamstress team in Florida means you’ll be confident knowing you are wearing the most comfortable, durable deep concealment holster. It’ll fit—standing, sitting or driving and will be accessible in the event you ever need to draw your weapon. All SmartCarry® holsters come with an customized-to-you adjustable strap, giving you a snug, comfortable fit. See: SmartCarry at the 2014 NRA Meeting.

Responsible gun ownership and concealed carry is serious! At SmartCarry®, we value intelligence as first-line defense along with rigorous skill practice to maintain mental sharpness and muscle memory. With a patented snag-free draw, in an emergency, you have the confidence knowing your weapon is ready.  

SmartCarry® is easy to wear, simple to use and above all else—comfortable with little or no imprint. For years of durability, try SmartCarry® today.

Welcome to SmartCarry®, the closest bond between a hand and a gun.

Remember, be Smart out there!


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